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The mission: Launching V&C Home Design into Los Angeles' Competitive Market

V&C Home Design, spearheaded by two visionary French entrepreneurs, embarked on a journey to carve a niche in California’s bustling interior decor industry.

Without an existing brand presence and facing a landscape teeming with competition, our mission was to introduce this new player in a way that resonated with the influx of homeowners in California. Leveraging innovative 3D and VR technology, we aimed to create a brand that stood out for its unique ability to immerse clients in their future homes before the first hammer swung.

V&C Home Design - Tagline

The Challenge: Crafting Identity in a Crowded Space

The challenge was twofold: distilling the essence of V&C Home Design while it was still in its infancy, and doing so in a market saturated with established players.

The studio’s use of cutting-edge 3D and VR technology to offer unparalleled pre-renovation experiences for homeowners set it apart. However, capturing and communicating this innovative approach effectively required a deep dive into the brand’s core values and the founder’s vision, all while making it relevant and appealing to a diverse California demographic unfamiliar with these advanced tools.


Where dreams reside.

We came up with two options for the brand’s tagline:

  • Where dreams reside” evokes the idea that dreams have a physical place of residence, embodied by the living spaces the brand helps to create;
  • and “Beyond Spaces, Dream Places.” emphasizes the transformation of ordinary spaces into dream places, highlighting the brand’s ability to transcend standard expectations of interior design.

The first option was shorter and more memorable. That’s what made the difference to the V&C Home Design team.

The Strategy: A Foundation Built on Innovation and Emotion

Our strategy centered on intensive collaboration with the founders to unearth the DNA and vision of V&C Home Design. Understanding that the brand needed to do more than just stand out—it needed to connect on an emotional level with prospective homeowners—guided our approach. 

We developed a brand strategy and website that emphasized the transformative power of V&C’s services, showcasing how VR and AI could turn dream homes into virtual realities even before the renovation began. This focus on innovation, paired with a narrative that spoke directly to the hearts of homeowners, was designed to inspire and captivate.

  1. Listening Intensively: Deep dives with the founder to capture the brand’s ethos.
  2. Emphasizing Technology: Positioning VR and AI not just as tools, but as pathways to emotional connections with future homes.
  3. Brand and Website Development: Creating a cohesive, visually compelling online presence that mirrors the innovation and sophistication of V&C’s services.
V&C Home Design - Website Homepage

The Outcome: A Resounding Launch

The launch of V&C Home Design’s brand and website marked a significant milestone, catapulting the studio into the spotlight in LA’s interior decor scene. This strategic debut led to the immediate acquisition of several major projects, validating the effectiveness of our approach. By leveraging a brand strategy that underscored V&C’s unique use of technology to create immersive pre-renovation experiences, we not only established a solid market presence but also set a new standard for innovation in interior design.

Logo - V&C Home Design

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