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The mission: Empowering Transformation

In a world where women juggle multiple roles, More Than a Woman emerged as a beacon of support and guidance. Our mission was to sculpt a brand and digital presence that resonated with the dynamic lives of women aged 30 to 45, offering them a sanctuary for coaching in love, career, and motherhood.

More Than a Woman - Brand asset

The Challenge: Navigating Complex Identities

Crafting a brand for More Than a Woman meant delving into the multifaceted lives of modern women. We faced the task of creating a message that spoke to their diverse roles—business leaders, partners, mothers—all while fostering a sense of community and support.

Our challenge was twofold: to differentiate More Than a Woman in a saturated market of online coaching services – dominated by Better Help – and to connect deeply with a female audience actively seeking to redefine their lives.


"Better you. Better life."

The tagline “Better you. Better life.” was meticulously chosen to encapsulate the essence and promise of More Than a Woman. It speaks directly to the heart of our audience, offering a dual message of personal growth and enhanced life quality.

This succinct phrase embodies the belief that by investing in oneself—through self-care, professional development, emotional intelligence, or relationship building—a ripple effect is created, leading to a more fulfilling and harmonious life.

The tagline is both a call to action and a declaration, encouraging women to embrace their journey towards self-improvement, thereby unlocking a better life. It aligns perfectly with our mission to support women in their multifaceted roles, reinforcing the message that personal transformation is the key to broader life satisfaction.

The Strategy: A Triad of Brand Elevation

  1. Brand Strategy: We began by defining the core values and attributes that More Than a Woman stands for, ensuring these resonated with our target demographic. This involved comprehensive market research to understand the unique challenges and aspirations of our audience.

  2. Brand Messaging and Identity: Our messaging strategy was built on empathy and empowerment, coupled with a distinctive brand identity that visually and emotionally resonated with our target audience. We crafted narratives that celebrated the journey of womanhood in all its forms, integrating these with a visual identity that was both empowering and relatable. This approach ensured every communication not only touched the heart and mind of our audience but also visually represented the essence of their journey and the support More Than a Woman offers.

  3. Web Presence: The website was designed as a hub of transformation, featuring intuitive navigation, engaging content, and interactive elements. We focused on creating a user-friendly experience that encourages exploration, with dedicated sections for each major life aspect our audience might need support with: love life, business career, and motherhood.

More Than a Woman - Website Homepage

The Outcome: A Resounding Launch

The launch of V&C Home Design’s brand and website marked a significant milestone, catapulting the studio into the spotlight in LA’s interior decor scene. This strategic debut led to the immediate acquisition of several major projects, validating the effectiveness of our approach. By leveraging a brand strategy that underscored V&C’s unique use of technology to create immersive pre-renovation experiences, we not only established a solid market presence but also set a new standard for innovation in interior design.

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